Living in Ashwell enhances the wonderful, life-changing experience of going to university: a time of personal development and intellectual discovery.


We offer great value for money with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and personal support which will encourage you to get the best out of your studies, make the most of your talents, forge lasting friendships and contribute to the community.


Ashwell House is a welcoming, open and clean home environment, with home-cooked meals and daily housekeeping. We accept applications from female students aged between 18 and 25.


Our facilities include:


  • 48 individual study bedrooms with bed linen and towels provided;
  • All rooms are centrally heated and fully furnished with a large wardrobe, bookshelf, bed, bedside table, desk, chair, sink, and lamp;
  • Bathrooms shared by floor – about 2 bathrooms for 7 people;
  • WiFi throughout the house;
  • Roof top terrace;
  • Large library  and 4 quiet study rooms ;
  • Sitting rooms and coffee rooms;
  • Bike shed;
  • Daily cleaning (Monday to Friday) of bedrooms and communal areas;
  • Meals include a cooked breakfast and dinner on weekdays and all three meals at weekends. A limited number of late dinners can be arranged.
  • Personal laundry service
  • Laundry equipped with coin-operated washing machine and dryer
  • Chapel
  • A large hall for conferences, concerts and birthday celebrations


We operate a no smoking policy. The Ashwell House Handbook outlines all the policies and housekeeping rules which can be sent to prospective residents on request.  Please check with the management team if you have any special dietary requirements. For safety and security, entry to the residence is restricted after 11:30pm on weekdays (Sun-Thurs) and after 2:00am on the weekend (Friday and Saturday).