"During my Master's year in London, Ashwell was my support, my home, and my family.
Ashwell gave me the spiritual formation I needed to push my professional development, it helped me to understand why I was studying Fashion Design Management, and to see how I could help others through my career.

It also gave me a family, friends who helped me when I had presentations, projects or papers to hand in. Having people believing in me encouraged me to work harder for my goals.

I now see the fruits of all the effort: I got a distinction at University and a job with a prestigious fashion designer in London. I feel truly grateful for all the values and friends Ashwell has given me, and what I enjoy the most is being able to share this happiness with my Ashwell Family."

Iciar is currently working at Stella McCartney in London

Iciar, Paraguay

“Living in Ashwell House for four years, it became like a second family to me. My time in London will always be filled with unforgettable memories of Ashwell House and the enriching experience it brought to my university life. I got to meet many wonderful people, learnt about numerous cultures and made friends that will last a lifetime.

At the end of my studies I managed to get a first in my degree and an achievement prize for the highest grade. I believe being in Ashwell helped facilitate my studies by supporting and encouraging me throughout the four years in order to get to where I am today”

Jacquie is currently studying an MA at Maastricht University

Jacquie, Malaysia

"Being hundreds of miles away from home feels a lot less difficult when you are living in Ashwell House because everyone welcomes you with open arms and treats you like family.”

Gold, Philipphines

“It’s a home, a place to study, a place to make friends, a place to relax and a place to grow. Ashwell has been the highlight of my 2 years of study. It has truly managed to fulfil the idea of family, whilst I was away from my biological one. I made friends with people from all over the world, most of whom I am still in contact with today. I learnt about different cultures, developed my values, grew stronger and I returned back to my country as a better person that I previously was.”

Claudia, Malta

“Ashwell is a safe, secure and friendly home. I stayed there for half a year, completing my media course in London and now work as a Television presenter and editor in Hungary.”

Anna, Hungary

“After a year of crazy university life I decided that I needed to live in a family environment that could gear my talents towards excellence. This place was Ashwell, a unique student hall where we all bring fourth our talents in solidarity to form a splendid human mosaic.”

Diane, Portugal

“I discovered a new definition of culture in Ashwell. Culture as the light that tests everything and holds onto what is good, culture as an encounter with a personal element that embraces and determines all, culture as a calling to service, and as a proof that truth is attainable only through love.”

Francesca, Italy

"I lived in Ashwell House during 2006 -2007 when I did my Masters at Imperial College London. Ashwell provides students with excellent quality accommodation and a comfortable environment to study in. It’s just like your own home, and you will make lifelong friends there.”

Dan Xie, China