"I lived in Ashwell House during 2006 -2007 when I did my Masters at Imperial College London. Ashwell provides students with excellent quality accommodation and a comfortable environment to study in. It’s just like your own home, and you will make lifelong friends there.”

Dan Xie, China

"Being hundreds of miles away from home feels a lot less difficult when you are living in Ashwell House because everyone welcomes you with open arms and treats you like family.”

Gold, Philipphines

“It’s a home, a place to study, a place to make friends, a place to relax and a place to grow. Ashwell has been the highlight of my 2 years of study. It has truly managed to fulfil the idea of family, whilst I was away from my biological one. I made friends with people from all over the world, most of whom I am still in contact with today. I learnt about different cultures, developed my values, grew stronger and I returned back to my country as a better person that I previously was.”

Claudia, Malta

“Ashwell is a safe, secure and friendly home. I stayed there for half a year, completing my media course in London and now work as a Television presenter and editor in Hungary.”

Anna, Hungary

“After a year of crazy university life I decided that I needed to live in a family environment that could gear my talents towards excellence. This place was Ashwell, a unique student hall where we all bring fourth our talents in solidarity to form a splendid human mosaic.”

Diane, Portugal

“I discovered a new definition of culture in Ashwell. Culture as the light that tests everything and holds onto what is good, culture as an encounter with a personal element that embraces and determines all, culture as a calling to service, and as a proof that truth is attainable only through love.”

Francesca, Italy