University accommodation for female students in London

Providing a home away from home

Ashwell House

Ashwell House is a spacious, independent, catered hall of residents for female students pursuing their studies in London. We offer excellent accommodation in individual study rooms as a home away from home.

The ethos of the Hall is based on the traditional idea of a University: to create an atmosphere of study, independence and openness.

If you are a female student looking for

  • Facilities which support serious study to achieve academic excellence
  • A welcoming, open and clean environment which fosters friendship, solidarity and mutual respect
  • Healthy, nutritious and tasty food
  • An opportunity to develop talents and take part in worthwhile volunteering projects

Then Ashwell House is the place for you!


"I lived in Ashwell House during 2006 -2007 when I did my masters at Imperial College London. Ashwell provides students with excellent quality accommodation and a comfortable environment to study and live, it is just like your own home. You will make lifelong friends there. Most students are from different countries with different backgrounds, if you are interested in other cultures, this is definitely a nice place to live. If you want to have some peace and quiet and a nice place to stay, Ashwell is the right choice."

Dan Xie, China

"It's a home, a place to study, a place to make friends, a place to relax, a place to grow.
Ashwell has been the highlight of my 2 years of study. It's has truly managed to fulfil the idea of family, whilst i was away from my biological one. Made friends with people from all over the world, most of which I am still in contact with today. Learnt about different cultures, travelled to countries through activities they organize, further developed my values, received formation, grew stronger, and finally returned back home to my country as a better package to what I previously was. "


"I arrived in London in January, 2010. I had mixed feelings about studying in the UK: once I had to leave my family and friends in Budapest, Hungary for a whole year, but on the other hand I had an opened door, an opportunity of establishing new friendships, the opportunity of studying new things,the opportunity of learning new perspectives.
The next day I started my Media and communications course in Notting Hill. My new, temporary home was Ashwell. "

"The good thing about Ashwell was that if I wanted to be alone, I could do that, I had my own private space, my room. If I wanted to meditate, I could do that in the lovely little chapel. But if I wanted to chat or have a cup of coffee with someone, I could do that as well. In the library, I could study, in the smaller rooms I could write my assignments.
A safe, secure and friendly new home.
I stayed in Ashwell for half year. I completed my Media course in London, and now I work as a Television presenter and editor in Hungary."


"From the beginning I knew that Ashwell house had high standards of behaviour for its residents. Having done a year of crazy crazy university life I decided I needed to live in a family environment that could gear my talents towards excellence. That place was Ashwell, a unique student hall where we all bring forth our talents in solidarity with one another in a splendid human mosaic."


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